Other Curriculum Workshops

Science Blasters! (prek-1)

Enter into an exciting experience that will help you integrate Science into your own classroom! Kim will show you “explosive” ways to get Kindergartners motivated to learn. Hands-on science activities and experiments, interactive literature, tasty test-tubes, and magical messes will capture your children’s imagination! It’s something that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Make Every Day Count (k-1)

Never have enough time to do everything you want? In this session Kim will show you how she makes every day count by planning “Special Days” throughout the year. Fun, engaging activities for Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and others will be presented. Each “special day” included activities for math, science, social studies, language arts, and twenty first century skills. Every moment will count when your children are actively engaged in their learning through art, cooking, problem solving, writing, and games.

What were you thinking? Getting your thinking organized (k-1)

Do your kiddos have a difficult time getting their thinking organized? In this session Kim will share ideas for using various thinking organizers that will be sure to get them organized while learning when each graphic organizer is most effective. She will show ways to incorporate circle maps, bubble maps, double bubble maps, brace maps, flow maps, and tree maps that teach many science, math, social studies and language arts standards. Think it, Organize it, Learn it!