Other Curriculum Workshops

DI: It’s as easy as 123 (k-1)

Do you have a hard time meeting the needs of all your learners? In this session, Kim will show ways she has organized her classroom so that she can differentiate her instruction with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of benefits. She will share grouping strategies, formative assessments, and intervention strategies that will help your students master the standards in both math and reading while keeping the learning fun and meaningful.

ABC’s and 123’s (prek-k)

Looking for some new creative ideas for teaching those ABC’s and 123’s? In this session Kim will share an idea a minute of games, songs, puppets, and activities that will have your children knowing those early skills quickly and seamlessly. She will also share ideas on how to document each child’s progression through these skills to ensure that ALL children are learning…including remediation and enrichment!

Dollar Store Diva! (prek-k)

Kim is a self-proclaimed Dollar Store Diva. In this session, Kim will share ideas for using all those dollar store finds to create useful materials for your classroom…cheap! Learns ways to organize and manage your classroom; and find ways to teach math and language arts standards without breaking the bank. Come to this session and you will become a Dollar Store Diva yourself!

PRESTOO - IT'S ALL IN THERE- Teaching Through An Integrated Unit Approach

Come learn new “recipes” for mixing up a fun filled integrated curriculum. In this session you will learn new ideas that “combine, mix and spread” the content standards into integrated plans that fit Units of Study for Kindergarten teachers. This session is designed to help teachers “sift, shake, and sprinkle” the curriculum in ways that will have your children “cookin’ up” as they learn the standards through games, stories, songs, activities, art and much, much more! This idea packed session will make you a “master chef” of integrated curriculum…Presto’!

Games Galore (prek-1)

“Come learn to play again!” In this session Kim will share games that will have the children begging to play them again and again. You will learn games that you can go back and introduce in your classroom tomorrow! These games are sure to be a real crowd pleaser with your kindergarteners as you teach them the numerals, counting, alphabet, sight words, phonemic awareness and even behavior management!