Literacy Workshops

Words, Words, Words (k-1)

Come visit the Wonderful World of Words! In this session Kim will share fun, interactive, research based activities for teaching sight words, word families, and vocabulary. Learn how teaching words increases reading fluency and comprehension. Words, words, words….they’re everywhere!

Creating Confident Writers

If you’ve ever wondered who is in charge of the writing in your room, then this session is for you.  Come to Kim’s session on Kindergarten Writers to learn creative, fun ways to release gradual control of the writing to the children.  You will learn ideas for all types of writing—modeled, shared, interactive, guided, and independent writing.  Kim will also share writing mini lessons that will definitely put the children in charge!

Jammin' with Journals

Increase your students’ writing skills and enthusiasm for writing with super daily journal ideas! You’ll learn why journals are so important. You’ll learn key tips for getting an effective journal program started. And, you’ll learn how to incorporate journals in your classroom with a minimum of fuss and maximum benefits.

Literacy Centers (prek-1)

Share over 20 literacy center ideas used in the "real" classroom. Following the workshop, you'll be able to develop, organize and manage effective and efficient literacy centers. Plus, learn ways to make these literacy centers inspiring so that students apply skills and objectives learned during group lessons.

Literacy ά la carte (prek-1)

You are sure to find just the right mix of activities to teach literacy on this menu!  Select puppets, games, activities, props, and songs from this ά la carte menu that will be sure to “stir up” some literacy success in your kindergarteners as they learn letters, rhyming, word families, and much, much more!