Literacy Workshops

Incorporating Strong Writing into your Centers (k-1)

Are you looking for writing projects that your kiddos can do during centers?  In this session Kim will share some fun ways to get them writing! Not only will you discover some open ended, on-going centers that encourage little ones to write, but Kim will also share some fun and exciting projects including story maps, cooking, art, and many more that will have your kiddos writing in all the genres.

Ready, Set, Interact!-Interactive Writing (prek-1)

You will be saying, “On your mark, get set, GO!” as your kiddos race along the road to “Writer’s Town!.”  In this session Kim will show you how you can use Interactive Writing to teach your little ones the concepts of print as well as the various genres. Kim will share fun and exciting writing ideas and samples for making lists and labels, non-fiction and persuasive pieces, and many others! “Teachers...start your engines!”

Phonemic Fun (prek-1)

Ready to have fun? Kim will share ideas that will help your children develop an awareness of sounds and symbols in our language that are both fun and research supported. You will learn activities that will have your children singing, playing, and moving while you will be meeting the phonemic needs of your individual learners

Goin’ Bananas with Book Makin’! (k)

Go “ape wild” as you learn a variety of ideas where kindergarteners can make their own books to learn sight words, the alphabet, reading strategies, phonemic awareness and other literacy skills.  Teachers will “be swingin” as they learn how to use shape books, film cans, paper bags, food boxes and other throw away items to make books your children will want to read again and again!

Creative Comprehension…What Does it Mean? (k-1)

This session is packed full of research based strategies that will increase the reading comprehension of your students. Kim will share creative ideas for retelling, making connections, compare/contrast, and using schema. After this session, you will be ready to maximize your students reading comprehension with activities that are fun…for both you and your students!