Management Workshops

Beginning Year Basics 101 (prek-1)

Learn the basics, as well as new creative ideas, that will make the first 30 days more enjoyable--for you and your students. Kim will share ways to motivate, move, and mold the children as they learn to navigate through the kindergarten day. Also, you will learn techniques to organize your classroom and kinders before school starts and during those first few critical weeks.

Mission Organization (prek-1)

Do you find yourself spending too much time looking for things? Are your children confused on where to find materials or where to put then when they are done? If yes, then this is the session for you. In this session Kim will share ideas of how to efficiently organize classroom materials for both you and your students in an attractive and functional way. Tips on organization of student portfolios, storage of classroom materials, classroom arrangements are just a few of the tips that Kim has planned for you.

All Eyes On You (prek-k)

Do you want them on the floor?
Or are you trying to get them out the door?
Are you trying to clean your room?

Well, let those Kindergarteners do it to a tune!

Kim will give you exciting and stimulating ideas for those awkward transition times! Songs, fingerplays, puppets, interactive charts, and books will set the place for a smoother transition in your classroom.

Come catch the beat!!

Don’t Wait! Early Intervention Aid of Kindergarteners (K)

Wondering what to do when you have tried everything including standing on your head and your kids still don’t get it? In this session Kim will share her favorite intervention strategies for sight words, letter recognition, number, and other kindergarten standards. She will also share how she organizes individual tutorial bags for her students so that each child has ownership of the standards they are learning. You will leave this session well equipped with a new bag of tricks for all of your struggling learners!