Math Workshops

How did you get that? Thinking and Writing about Math (k-1)

Want to get your children thinking and writing about math? In this session Kim will share an idea a minute that will have your children using problem solving, graphing, organizing, and more as they share their thinking and write their ideas. These activities are sure to develop a deeper understanding of many math standards such as data analysis, number, problem sorting, and measurement through interactive writing, glyphs, graphs, literature, and many other engaging activities.

Meaningful Math Games for Kindergarten (prek-1)

Explore fun and entertaining math games and activities that teach mathematical concepts such as comparison, sorting, graphing, and much more. You'll learn how the spiral development of mathematical concepts is different from the knowledge or arithmetic skills. Plus, plan and develop games to increase your students' critical thinking skills.

Calendar Counts (prek-1)

Get your children excited about the calendar! In this session Kim will share ideas to keep the calendar interesting and interactive. Learn how to make the children more responsible by keeping their own calendar notebook. Along with calendar concepts you will also learn how to incorporate other math skills such as ordinals, combining sets, money, graphing, etc. that will keep the standards front and center!

Making Sense of Numbers (prek-1)

In this session you will learn too many activities to count! Kim will share games, projects, songs, puppets and many other ideas that will develop number sense while having fun. You will leave with ideas to teach counting, addition, ordinal numbers, money, comparing sets, fair share, fair trade, and number words.

Math Centers that Matter (prek-1)

In this session you will learn how to organize and run math centers that will have your children mathematicians in no time! Kim will share her ideas for organizing math centers that will ensure the math standards are taught and maintained throughout the year. She will share activities, games, and journal ideas that she uses in the different centers. Kim will also show you how math centers will enable you to work with small groups and provide both enrichment and tutorial activities for all learners!