Getting Acquainted Letters

I Have, Who Has Template ((NEW)) Template to make your very own "I Have, Who Has?" Game  
Meet and Greet Poem (NEW) Gives the Parents directions on the Stations
Child Gift Bag (((NEW))) List of items to put in a treat bag for the children on the first day of school.
Agenda Braclet
Reminder braclet for the children to return their agenda every day.
An Apple a Day is Nothing New
Parents are teachers, too!
Bag of Books Cover
Cover for the child's Bag of Books (with level).
Elephant Reminder
Reminder to leave the clip on the students agenda.
Time Log
Form for recording activities.
Kim's Daily Schedule for 2007-2008
My daily classroom schedule for the school year 2007-2008.
Discipline Letter
My discipline policy letter I send to parents.
Request for Parents to be on my Film Developing Committee
Getting parents to help out with developing film for the students scrap books.
Friendship Salad Letter
Request for items for our Friendship Salad.
Here's the Scoop Behavior Plan Letter
Earning a Smiley Face.
If You Take a Mouse to School
What students will see when they come to school.
I'm Looking Through My Window
I'm looking through my window and I see my friend _______.
Introduction Letter
Introduction of myself to the parents.
Request for form items missing for student
Forms that the stuents still need to return to school.
Items to Return and Items to Keep
Things that the student needs to return to the school and what they can keep.
Open House Parent Requests
Things I need that I pass out at open house.
Parent Teacher Conference Letter
Form to request a conference and comments by teacher and parent(s).
Parent Volunteer Letter
Letter requesting parent volunteers.
Say Cheese Camera Request
Letter I send home requesting parents send in disposable cameras to be used during the year.
Scrapbook Page
Page I send home with the children for the child and their parent to make for the end of year scrapbook.
Show and Tell Letter
Letter explaining my Show and Tell.
Thank You Letter for Camera Processing Volunteers
Letter thanking parents for volunteering to develop cameras.
The ABC's of Kindergarten
The basics of Kindergarten (A-E).
Volunteer Letter
Thank you for agreeing to help in the classroom.
Wish List
Supply list as well as things I need for the classroom.
Handprint Paper Poem
I made a puzzle just for you.